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New free sample pack!. This time is about free dubstep melodies that also include MIDI files so you can unlock creativity ways to produce Dubstep. Made with the best tools, this free sample pack contains 4 construction kits that include loops such as bells, chords, bass, leads, midi and more!. Don't limit yourself to just dubstep, these sounds can also be used in other musical genres if you wish. For a most complete experience, check "Ultimate Dubstep Sample Pack"


  • .wav files at 24bits

  • Compatible with many DAW like Fl studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and more!

  • Made with high quality tools

  • BPM and Scale labeled

Customer reviews:

  •  I love this sample pack. It has so many amazing loops that fit perfectly with my dubstep style. The melodies are catchy and the sounds are crisp and clear. I have used some of them in my latest tracks and they sound awesome. This is a must-have for any dubstep producer.

  • This is a great sample pack for dubstep

  • This sample pack is a gem. The loops are melodic and energetic.

  • This sample pack is amazing. It has so many different loops that you can use to spice up your dubstep productions. 

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