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Beauty and aggressive, distorted and colored. These are some of the features of the future core sample pack.

With high quality sounds, you will have the advantage of saving time in your productions.

Using creativity and high potential tools, this future core sample pack was designed to meet the creative needs of today's producers.

With beautiful melodies and powerful drop basses, unique drums and creative effects, this sample pack has what you need.


This pack include:

10 Bass drop loops
15 Drum loops
75 Drums
20 Effects
30 Glitch bass
28 Melody loops
15 MIDI files

20 One shots synths

10 Vocal chops

Customer reviews:

  • The sounds are unique and fresh, and they really help me take my music to the next level.”

  • “The Future Core Sample Pack is an essential tool for any producer looking to make cutting-edge music.”

  • “The Future Core Sample Pack is one of the best sample packs I’ve ever used. The sounds are unique and inspiring, and they really help me push my creativity to new heights.”

Download a free demo pack HERE

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