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🌈 How To Make Color Bass: 5 Super Tips!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Learn how to make Color Bass with these tips and advice to start today!.

The Color Bass genre is trending these days. And you as a music producer, you should not be left out and start creating spectacular tracks with these tips. 1. Some Good Drums This part is sometimes overlooked, but using bad drums can ruin your track! It is best that you use chord sounds. That is why I recommend you take a look at this sample pack that contains some ideal drums for this genre.

2. Use Vocoder Plugins

A vocoder is a speech analyzer and synthesizer. How to use this for color bass?. Easy, just create a chord using any synthesizer, a caracteristic dubstep bass and apply a vocoder plugin. Then just play with him.

Do you want a concrete example?.

Check my video showing how to do this:

3. Use Convultion Reverb

Convolutional reverb is a digital audio processing based on the mathematical calculation of convolution. Allows to simulate the reveration of a physical enviroment or hardware reverb unit.

So... How this can help me?.

Make a chord with a synth, record them. And then inset in a convultion reverb plugin.

Here is a most concrete example:

4. Stock Plugins Are Your Friends!

Yes!. Don't be afraid to use. You must know your DAW thoroughly and get 100% of its potential sup

In this video you can learn how to make color bass using Fl Studio stock plugins

5. This Is Just Dubstep With Colors

150 Bpm and some monster growls can be transformed in something "kawaii".

Just play and have fun creating this amazing genre.

If you have more doubts. Watch this super complete video where I do a Color Bass drop.

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