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Sample packs

Here you will find the best sample packs. Sample pack are the best and easy way to continue producing your next big hit. Sample pack are the key to make the best tracks and the most powerful drops.

dubstep sample packs.png

Dubstep samples

deathstep samples.png
riddim samples.png

Riddim Dubstep Samples

color bass sample packs.png

Deathstep Samples

Color Bass Samples

Ultimate future riddim sample pack final.png

Future Riddim Samples

melodic riddim.png

Melodic Riddim Samples


Phonk House Samples

drum & bass essentiasl sample pack.png

Drum & Bass Samples

artcore essentials sample pack.png

Artcore sample packs

Sample pack... What is?

They are a compilation of tools (ready-made sounds) so that you can use them in your tracks.

These sample packs will save you the time of creating tracks.

Each sound was made with dedication and effort. So enjoy your samples.

What do you need to use sample pack?

To use sample pack smoothly, you need a DAW compatible with .wav format (fl studio, ableton live, pro tools, etc). This will make it easy for you to load the samples into your daw playlist. Almost all daws support .wav formats so don't worry about samples.

How to use samples?

It's very easy, after you buy the sample pack. You will receive by email the download link to download the samples.

Unzip the file and copy the folder into your sample folder.

So you will have installed and ready to use the sample pack.

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