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Xfer Serum Presets

Made with a lot of effort and dedication. These presets for serum will be what allows you to continue with your song. Since these serum presets will bring quality and creativity to your productions.

dubstep serum presets.jpg

Dubstep presets for Serum

Future riddim presets for serum.png

Future riddim presets for Serum

bundle riddim presets png.png

Riddim dubstep presets for Serum


Bass house presets for Serum

Presets for Serum... What is?

They are a compilation of tools (ready-made sounds) so that you can use them in your track (like riddim, dubstep, future riddim, color bass, etc).

These serum presets will save you the time of creating sounds from scratch.

Each sound was made with dedication and effort. So enjoy your preset serum pack.

Is it cheating to use serum presets?

Absolutely not!. Using serum presets doesn't present any moral issue about "cheating" because you are buying a tool which is called presets to be able to do music without problem. It also has a great advantage to save time in case you don't know how to use serum. Presets for serum in not cheating.

What do you need?

To use serum presets smoothly, you need the latest version of serum synth. This will make it easy for you to load the presets into serum. So check your version of serum before buying presets for serum packs.

How to use serum presets?

It's very easy, after you buy the serum presets pack. You will receive by email the download link to download the serum presets.

Unzip the file and copy the folder into your xfer serum folder presets.

So you will have installed and ready to use the serum presets.

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