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How to mix a dubstep Kick

The kick is a fundamental part of our song. Therefore, we should not overlook it when mixing.

In the electronic music genre, we have several types of music genres and not all of them share the same kick. That is why today we will see how to mix our dubstep kick so that it has strength and presence. This chain of effects came to my mind when I was working on my new track (By the way, if you want to hear my songs I'll leave you my Spotify).

We start with a multiband compressor, so that the high and medium frequencies are afloat, so we have more presence, then we take care of the bass. A transient shaper plugin would come in handy to add attack to our kick.

Now for the equalization. A low pass at 9khz will add space for the cymbals. Reduce 3 to 4db at 1.5khz to 2khz so the kick fundamental can come through. And finally a boost of between 5 to 6db at 60hz with a low shelf to have more weight.

At the end of the chain, a clipper would be ideal so that the kick has volume. Turn the clipper up until it starts to distort, then turn it down until it stops distorting, and control the volume with your daw's fader. With this you already have a powerful kick with the ideal presence for a dubstep track (also ideal for color bass or riddim).

If you want to know how to make your own kick, check my tutorial:

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